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Personal Alarm - Neighbourhood Watch

Product number: NWS-PA02

120dB loud personal alarm with strobe light feature. Includes 9 volt battery

Weight: 0.118 kg
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Personal Alarm with Flashing Light

Just Pull The Pin Out in an Emergency

This personal alarm combines two great deterrents to attack - a loud 120db alarm and a flashing light. It's small and unobtrusive and attaches to a belt or purse for easy accessibility. There are many different ways this alarm can be used: 1) Personal Alarm - you can carry it in a purse or pocket or attach it to your belt using the clip on the back of the alarm. In an emergency, pulling the cord will activate the 120db alarm and flashing light. The alarm and flashing light will draw attention to the situation, scare off a would-be attacker, and summon help. 2) Purse/Briefcase/Backpack Alarm- when the cord is clipped to your belt or wrapped around your wrist and the alarm is placed inside your purse, briefcase, or backpack, the alarm will sound if someone attempts to take it from you. 3) Door or Window Alarm - the personal alarm can be instantly converted into a door or window alarm using the optionally available door clip accessory (NWS-PAA02). Opening the protected door or window will activate the alarm and flashing light to scare off a would-be intruder and alert you to the attempted entry. 4) Laptop Computer Alarm- the optionally available door clip accessory can also be used to protect a laptop computer or other valuable property. Once the door clip accessory is placed underneath your property, anyone picking up that object will activate the alarm and flashing light. Unit operates on one 9 volt battery (included).

80mm tall x 57mm wide x 33 deep or 25mm deep without beltclip.

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