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Blue Strobe Light - Only

Product number: NWS-BS-1

Blue Strobe Light - Only

Weight: 0.1 kg
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We recommend you install a professionally installed home alarm system but if you can’t afford one just yet…

Try using our real Security Strobe light! Exactly like the Security Strobe lights the professionals use. Nobody will be the wiser if you were to mount the strobe in a suitable position on the StreetSide of your home.

A simple DIY project.

Product Size:73.6(D)*36.5(H)
Rated Voltage: DC12/24V
Working Voltage: DC6-15V/9-28V
Strobe Source:Xenon Tube/LEDs
Strobe Current:150/50mA(average)
Strobe Frequency:70-90 times/minute
Plastic Material: ABS/AS/PC

Special Order Only: Lens colours available : Red/Orange/Amber/White

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