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Key Lock Box - Key Safe - store 3-4 keys

Product number: NWS-KL03

Key Lock Box - protects keys - exterior mount

Weight: 0.622 kg
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Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mountable Key Lock Safe – Rotary Combination Lock Style

Here is the convenient secure way to avoid the frustration of being locked out


This durable key storage box is constructed using thick rustproof zinc walls with an interlocking faceplate for a high degree of security. A heavy duty mechanical keypad -- which needs no batteries -- opens easily using a numeric combination you choose and set yourself.

The combination may be changed whenever you wish for added security.

Make sure you have a spare key handy for the kids after school for repairmen employees tenants or simply for emergencies.

Our wall mounted, outdoor key safe can be securely mounted - discreetly - by your door. It has a four dials with numbers from
0 to 9 on the box allowing you to dial your secret code to access the insides of the box and access to your keys in an emergency. The wall safe can also be used to allow others access to your keys – repairmen, employees, tenants and the list is endless.

There's room inside the key safe for several keys, so you can fit in your house key and your car key or other important keys that you, and your family, need access to.

This wall mounted key safe is the solution with its weather resistant place to keep a spare key for your home or car. Ideal for emergency entry, home healthcare access, vacation homes, storing spare keys etc.

Wall-mounted lock box: Secure your keys inside an ultra-durable wall safe

Composite metal frame: A mixture of heavy-duty zinc, aluminium, and steel offers the highest strength of protection

Combination lock: Offers 10,000 adjustable security codes for maximum safety

Compact size: Offers security without the intrusion of a large wall safe. Plastic dial cover: protects your code from water and thieves with a retractable ABS plastic cover.

Think about the cost of an after-hours callout from a Locksmith which could cost you $150 or even more.

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