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Lock for SA Power Networks Electricity Box(South Australia Only)

Product number: NWS-LF01

SA Power Networks approved cam lock DIY - 2 keys

Weight: 0.05 kg
Ready for shipping
The Lock Focus CAM LOCK ETSA A/CR19/ES/3B/NO4 lock fits easily to most South Australian Electricity Meter boxes.
On the Meter Box door around the middle of the door near the edge you should see a small circular indentation which you should be able to 'punch out' leaving a hole the right size for the barrel lock.
Fit the barrel or cylinder lock into the Meter Box Door and fasten the buts tight so that the locking arm is pointed towards the Meter Box frame.

SA Power Networks (Formerly ETSA) have a Master Key to all these cylinders so they alone can read the meter independently. Your key is unique to your home and will not open up your neighbours box.

Enjoy the feeling of security knowing your electricity won't be shut off by just anyone who happens along. Your Electricity Lock will keep all unauthorised persons out.


In a very small percentage of cases, the electricity box used on your property may be different that 90% of the market where using this LF-01 alone suffices.

We now have additional solutions which are also Meter Box approved.

We also have a padlock and hasp - LF -In some cases the blade needs to be longer as the standard length is 28mm from center to end of blade. If you measure from the blade end to end, the length is
-In some cases you may require extra depth
-In some cases you may need to fit a lock to a large hole
-In some cases you may need a combination of accessories and we have tried to list the more popular models.
If you are unsure, feel free to call our Sales Department during normal business hours. If we are unavailable, leave a detailed message starting with your name and telephone number.

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