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Replica Outdoor IR Security Camera - Has Blinking Red LED light

Product number: NWS-RSC2

Replica Outdoor IR Security Camera

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Replica Outdoor IR Security Camera - Has Blinking Red LED light


1) Dimensions: Diameter 17 x 21 x 8cm; 2) Main materials: ABS plastic; 3) Battery: 2 X AA battery (not included); 4) High quality and cheap price;

These days smart business owners are trying to find inexpensive solutions to protect your business assets. There is no doubt that CCTV installations can be an excellent deterrent to would be crooks as well as being able to identify criminal activities after the fact. This replica camera is very realistic looking and most would be hard pressed to tell it from a real model.

Replica Outdoor Camera Even at home, Citizens are finding these cameras to be an inexpensive level of deterrence from home burglaries. Because the real McCoy "CCTV" system is very expensive in comparison, not everyone can afford it. Why not try out a replica security camera! What other affordable home security accessories can provide the instant security that this imitation security camera can? Imagine the peace of mind knowing that you have discouraged crime or prowling on your property by arousing doubt and fear in the minds of trespassers! Using a replica camera is not only easy home burglary protection, but it's also cost-effective and cheaper than any other home security accessory. Use this replica security camera system by installing outdoor security cameras on all four corners of your property! Four replica surveillance cameras will cost you less than the price of a real one yet achieves many of the same goals! Stop crime immediately!

Features: 1) Inexpensive and an effective way to deter criminals without the cost of a real surveillance system; 2) To help prevent or deter suspicious activities; 3) Made to look like a real camera housing and even comes with flashing red LED; 4) Easy and quick to install - no wiring necessary; 5) Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included);

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