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Wally Watchdog Safety Stickers - FROM $ 0.02 EACH - Round Laptop Stickers "Think Safe. Keep Safe"

Product number: NWS-WWD-RED

Wally Watchdog Safety Stickers -Buy in rolls for best price! From $70.00 a roll

$ 0.20/item
Weight: 0.0006172 kg
1 X Roll = 2,500 Stickers - Bulk Buy Deals
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Wally Watch Dog – Safety Message Labels - "Think Safe. Keep Safe."

Wally the Watchdog was created for the youngsters in the community that are starting to read and explore things everywhere. “Think Safe. Keep Safe.” is excellent advice for the youth of today whether they are at school, at home or just out and about. Danger is never too far away so the reminder to think and to keep safe is always valid. There are various good programs available that present this valuable information to both parents and educators plus specially designed presentations for children. THINK YOU KNOW is one excellent program that is being presented on an ongoing basis around the country. Check this website for further details: https://www.thinkuknow.org.au Stickers are available to buy in small quantities of: • 100 • 500 • 1000 • 2,500. Buying a roll of 2,500 is most economical

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