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HiViz Vests - Yellow

Product number: NWS-VEST

HiViz vests reflective tape "Neighbourhood Watch Volunteer" &logos. Sizes: XL to 6XL

Weight: 0.0227 kg
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High visibility clothing provides an effective layer or risk reduction in high risk and high traffic applications or environments, providing the wearer with an extended visibility profile that increases the likelihood that passing motorists or fellow workers will be aware and take note of the position of the wearer. This is especially important for those who work on roadways or in emergency services professions, but also for Neighbourhood Watch Volunteers who are out in the community performing tasks which could be dangerous if they were not seen.

Our sizing starts at XL and goes up to 6XL. Remember that the vests are to go over polo shirts, rain coats, and warmer coats and need to have some extra room to go over all. We also ran out out of smaller sizes and are looking to buy more, Please register your interest and estimate your requirements if you feel you need smaller vests.

These vests are lightweight and can be certainly seen in the day but also the quality reflective stripes and in our case logos and wording, makes them highly visible hence the terminology - Hi Viz.
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