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Magic UV Pen | UV Pen & Light in 1 FREE SHIPPING

Product number: NWS-UVP-MAGIC

Children's Magical Pen for writing with inviisible ink

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Children's Magical Pen for writing with invisible ink

There are many types of UV Pens available on the market and there are many different prices being asked for what sounds like the same thing. An Ultraviolet (UV) marker is a pen whose marks are fluorescent but transparent: the marks can be seen only under an ultraviolet light. This pens ink is best used with paper products. The tip is very fine which results is thin letters and numbers. Kids will love to use it in many amusing occasions, such as:
1. Secret Messages
2. Invisible Tattoos
3. Fantastic drawing in the darkness
4. Perfect secret
5. Personalised Objects
6. Highlighter
7. Anti-counterfeiting

2in1 Magic Marker Invisible Ink Spy Pen Security Uv Light Secret

Batteries Included.

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