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Product number: NWS-NATDP


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NanoTags® are the most effective authentication system in the fight against theft.
This kit contains a unique applicator for marking thousands of microscopic NanoTags® onto various parts of your asset. Each tiny metal NanoTag has a chemically etched ID code – like your very own DNA fingerprint specific to you. Simply register this ID on the international NanoTag database (www.nanotag.com) and your assets become protected with an irrefutable proof of ownership and traceable by police.
The Tagging Wand is filled with thousands of NanoTags™, each smaller than a grain of sand. Every NanoTag™ is chemically etched with a unique Security Identification Code. (SIC)
Easily tag your assets with the Tagging Wand and the NanoTag™ SIC becomes your very own unique fingerprint on all your valuables. Relax knowing that your tagged possessions are now secure, traceable and can be easily authenticated in the event of theft or loss.

The Pack contains:
• Tagging Wand
• Microscope 100 x magnification
• Entry Warning Stickers
• Individual item stickers
• Security Identification Code (SIC) Card
• Instructions on how to apply
• Clean-up instructions after use of wand

What are NanoTags?

NanoTags are octagonal pieces of microscopic nickel – 6 to 10 microns thin and ranging from 0.3mm to 0.5mm wide. NanoTags have a hologram-like nano image displaying changes of colour under different viewing angles. Technically not a hologram, it is known as a Modulated Diffraction Grating (MDG). A real hologram viewed under a microscope becomes a meaningless grey mass of micro-particles, but by contrast, a NanoTag reveals the branding in fine detail and brilliant colour.
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