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UV Marking Kit Mark II "Now with 3 UV Pens"

Product number: NWS-UVK2

Ultraviolet & White Light LED Torch & 3 UV Pen Kit

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UV Marking Kit – Mark II

We have created a brand new Ultraviolet Marking Kit, NWS-UVK2 that includes a new dual function torch that can be used as a handy flashlight all year long. The other function is it’s Ultraviolet or UV LEDs that is used to fluoresce ultraviolet ink and other items will fluoresce in the 396nM range. When shined on an item that has been written on with a UV pen, the virtually ‘invisible’ writing now jumps out at you and is clearly visible for all to see. It comes with a practical gift box, three ‘AAA’ batteries and three (3) different coloured Ultraviolet Pens. There is a water based yellow UV ink pen, a light blue oil based pen and a hard to get red ink pen.

The Dual Function Torch has 12 LEDs, 3 of which are Ultraviolet LEDs, rated at 395nM which is a good match for the UV pens. Push the on/off button once and the 9 white LEDs come on illuminating a small room nicely. Push the same button again and the white LEDs turn off and the 3 UV LEDs turn on.

Ultraviolet light is useful for all sorts of applications and this kits main function is to provide the user with an inexpensive Asset or Property marking kit. By marking your valuable possessions with the numbers of your Driver’s license prefixed by the first letter of your State, you make reunification of your valuables much easier should they be recovered by the Police. All recovered property is thoroughly checked over in the Police Property room for signs of Owner Identification. This includes going over these items with a strong UV light. Because your writing dries leaving the markings ‘virtually invisible’, would be thieves would not see that your products are marked and as such would not look to remove your writing. Experience has found that the oil based UV ink is more difficult to rub off with normal wear and tear however we would recommend placing your identifiable markings in a spot where it is less likely to be constantly handled. Experiment with the different colours yourself and let us know your experience by email. feedback@neighbourhoodwatchshop.com.au

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