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Ultraviolet & White Light Torch & Pen Kit

Product number: NWS-UVK1

UV pen plus a UV torch which doubles as a normal torch. Includes batteries and wrist strat plus 1 UV pen

Weight: 0.2 kg
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UV Marking Kits We have put together a UV Marking kit which includes a UV pen, batteries and a UV and White light torch. The UV part of the torch allows you to see what has been written in UV ink. The white light serves as a white light torch for the rest of the year. Ultraviolet (UV) pens are an effective way to mark your property without reducing the value of the item. UV pen ink is only visible under an ultraviolet light. Marking your valuable property makes ownership clear, deters theft and assists police in returning property to its rightful owner. The best place to mark your property is near the serial number. If this is not possible all items should be marked on the back, in the top right hand corner or in a location that is handled the least. Examples of items you could mark include: ∙ TV ∙ Mobile Phones ∙ Camera ∙ Appliances ∙ Gaming Consoles ∙ Bikes ∙ Tools ∙ Laptop ∙ All other items of value Please note: The ink is visible at first but once dry becomes invisible. Additional UV pens are also available to buy separately.
UV ink demonstration
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