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Qicklock Portable Door Lock - FREE POSTAGE

Product number: NWS-QL01

Qicklock is your personal security that travels with you.

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Personal Security that Travels with You.


Qicklock is your personal security that travels with you.
- Ever been in a hotel room and not sure if the door is truly locked?
- Keep housekeeping out until you are ready for them!
- Ever had a broken door lock?
- Worried about safety travelling overseas?
- Moved into a new place and not sure who might still have a key?
- Ever been caught in an embarrassing situation?
- Been home alone and worried about your security or safety?
- Worried about privacy and safety in public conveniences
- This product is simple quick and easy to use
- This Temporary Security Door Lock needs no installation.
- No key is required and it resists over riding master keys, cards or picks.
- Fits and releases quickly and easily.
- Fits most inward opening internal or external doors fitted with a latch.
- Can be used where there is no fitted internal door lock and is suitable for left or right inward opening internal or external doors equipped with a latch.
- No damage to the door or the door frame after use
- Small and compact size fits perfectly in pocket, handbag or backpack whilst travelling
- Carry it with you in carry-on luggage
- Lightweight solid steel parts mean it is sturdier than similar products made out of nylon/plastic yet it weighs only a fraction more
- The actual Qicklock itself is only 45g in weight plus there is also a carry case which is handy, keeping it all together when you travel
- Only two simple parts makes it easy to setup
- The Qicklock is not designed to be used in place of traditional locks, but does provide an excellent temporary barrier for unwanted intruders. It is also not meant for use with sliding doors.

Ideal for:
- Student Accommodation, Hotels, Hostels, Rest Rooms, Home, Office,
- Inward opening doors that are fitted with a latch
- Occupied rooms to protect from unwanted intrusion
- Adding extra security on key locked doors

Designed in Australia, the Qicklock is brought to you by an Australian family owned and operated company. They see their products through from design, testing, manufacturing and marketing.

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QickLock The Portable Door Lock
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