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5 in 1 Emergency Ready Automobile Escape Tool

Product number: NWS-AST1

5 in 1 auto safety tool with warning beacon, flash light, seatbelt cutter, window breaker, magnetic base

Weight: 0.275 kg
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5 in 1 Emergency Ready Automobile Escape Tool

• Emergency Seat Belt Cutter • Emergency Car Window Breaker • Emergency Red Light Warning Beacon • Magnetic Base • Flash Light

In the event of a life or death automobile emergency, seconds can make all the difference. This 5 in 1 Window Breaker and Seat belt Cutter is the ideal device for all vehicle owners. Unlike key chain tools, this model is designed to keep distance between your hands and breaking glass. Unlike other tools, it also provides assistance in non-emergency situations as well. If you find yourself stranded on a dark road, the beacon will allow first responders to spot you immediately from hundreds of yards away.
EMERGENCY SAFETY TOOL HAS 48 HOUR SUPER BRIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT - Powerful Long Lasting Flashlight - Perfect for Checking Engine Trouble with HANDS FREE Magnetic Base or Lighting Your Way to Safety.
CAR EMERGENCY TOOL HAS LONG LASTING FLASHING EMERGENCY BEACON (96+ Hours Continuously) - POWERFUL MAGNETIC BASE - Warn other Motorists when Broken Down on Side of Road - Signal First Responders or Search and Rescue at Night or if Accidentally Crashed into a Ditch, off the road or in a Waterway.
SEAT BELT CUTTER WITH RECESSED RAZOR BLADE - Easily Cut through Jammed or Tangled Seat Belts for Fast Escape.
Electric Car Windows and Doors will NOT Operate without Power or if Jammed - Safely and Easily Break Side Window in Emergency Situations.

Car Emergency Ready Safety Tool
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