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ClipLok Travel Lock - Pin Number

Product number: NWS-CL1

Cliplok Anti-Pick Luggage Combination Lock

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ClipLok Advantages

ClipLok can be unlocked by the owner using a 4 digit (10,000 possible combinations) access code, and an advanced "anti-pick" thumb-wheel system.

Luggage lock, or travel lock removal occurs (destructively if necessary) so that certain bags can be manually inspected for security reasons if necessary. Should a screening agency wish to open a ClipLok, it can be “clipped” or cut off at a special “port” location on the body of the lock, which allows it to then be re-locked by the luggage screeners after they have finished their inspection. The used shackle can then be replaced by the owner at the end of the journey.

Why You Need ClipLok:

If you are planning on travelling to the USA, then the security of your bag is something you will need to consider before check-in.

Since January 2003, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has requested that passengers leave their checked luggage unlocked for security screeners. However, the TSA carries out these screening procedures behind the scenes, which has caused a great deal of anxiety amongst concerned passengers. This process has also generated thousands of lost property claims.

Complaints and claims to airlines and the TSA about lost, damaged or pilfered luggage have been rising since the TSA began screening all checked bags in response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. No doubt some of these claims are less than genuine, but the problem is a serious and costly concern for travellers and security agencies alike.

In the recent past, there has been some confusion however, perpetuated by uninformed gate agents and signs around some airports in the USA, that lead passengers to believe that they have to leave their luggage unlocked. Not so! There is no law in the USA or elsewhere that says you must leave your luggage unlocked. What is clear however, is that all luggage locks stand a good chance of being clipped (cut off) by TSA inspectors in the event your luggage is selected for further examination. ClipLok makes it easy for screeners all around the world - not just those in the USA.

TSA Luggage Locks

In late 2003, the Durham NH based Travel Sentry and New Jersey based Safe Skies came up with systems of standardised locks that inspectors can open with coded master keys supplied by the luggage industry. They are generally referred to as TSA Approved Luggage Locks, but the TSA has never officially "approved" any luggage locks, (although the locks are "recognised" by them). Travel Sentry’s red diamond and Safe Skies' flaming torch logo identifies them to inspectors.

See why you should choose ClipLok instead.

The Transportation Security Administration in the USA however, should not be confused with Travel Sentry - one of the master key based locking systems. Therefore, any product labelled as "Travel Sentry Approved" makes very little sense.

This system was originally designed for use in the USA. It's questionable however, whether it works in other countries whose airports do not have access to the master keys. How well do they work, and how smart is it to use luggage locks to which thousands of people may have the key? This is a question of no small concern, and people really haven’t had much of a choice - until now.

How ClipLok is Different to other TSA Travel Locks
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